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1. What is Gkash eWallet?
The Gkash eWallet is an electronic wallet (e-wallet) that holds electronic money (e-money). This service via mobile application is offered by Gkash Sdn Bhd. It provides a convenient and secure way of making cashless payments.

2. What can I do with Gkash eWallet?
The Gkash eWallet offers many attractive features that make your life more convenient.
  • a) Reload (Maximum wallet amount of RM200) via Online Banking (FPX), Credit and Debit Card.
  • b) User payment to Merchant
  • c) Mobile transfer
  • d) User Transfer via QR code
  • e) Add Friends

3. How do I install Gkash eWallet?
The App is available on Android OS only. You can download Gkash eWallet from Google Play Store.

4. Is the Gkash eWallet licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia?
Yes, Gkash eWallet is licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). You may find us listed on the Bank Negara Malaysia website here: http://www.bnm.gov.my/index.php?ch=ps&pg=ps_regulatees

5. Are there any fees to download Gkash eWallet?
No. It is FREE to download Gkash eWallet. However, user have to bear with the cost of the internet usage that is used to download the apps.

6. Does the Gkash eWallet app make use of my Mobile Data?
Yes, online connection (Wi-Fi or Mobile Data) are required when logging to Gkash eWallet app. All transactions require online connection (Wi-Fi or Mobile Data).

7. What device can I use for Gkash eWallet?
Any electronic mobile devices with Android 6.0 and above.

8. Can I use Gkash eWallet to top up or transfer e-money in overseas?
No. Gkash eWallet is only applicable for user who located in Malaysia.

9. Can I cash out from my Gkash eWallet account?
No. Cash out from Gkash eWallet account is not allowed.

10. Where can I view the Terms & Conditions?
The Terms & Conditions are viewable upon sign up to Gkash eWallet. Alternatively, you may also visit www.gkash.my for more details.

11. Where can I find out more about the Gkash eWallet and any of its functions?
For more information, kindly visit: www.gkash.my.

12. How do I make a complaint or enquiries on any matter related to Gkash eWallet?
If you have any enquiries or comments with respect to Gkash eWallet, you may email us at cs@gkash.my or contact our customer service at 03-2242 4255.

You may direct of your enquiry to BNM vide the Financial Ombudsman Scheme (OFS) at 03-2272 2811 or email to enquiry@ofs.org.my if there are any disputes.

1. How do I register as a Gkash eWallet user?
  • Step 1: Download and install Gkash eWallet from Google PlayStore.
  • Step 2: Select Sign Up for registration.
  • Step 3: Fill in your details: Full name (as per NRIC or Passpord), email address, mobile number, create password, create 6-digits PIN
  • Step 4: The verification code (OTP) will be sent to registered phone number.
  • Step 5: Select security image to complete your registration.

2. What is OTP?
OTP' is a One Time Password that is valid for one transaction only.

3. Do I need to remember Gkash eWallet 6-digit PIN?
Yes. The '6-digit PIN' is required for transactions made via the Gkash eWallet. This is your personal PIN that is a security measure to prevent any unauthorized transactions.

4. What do I need to do if forgot my 6-digit PIN?
  • Step 1: You need to log in to your Gkash eWallet app
  • Step 2: Click on “Change PIN Number”
  • Step 3: You may setup your new 6-digit PIN.
  • Step 4: Enter Verification Code
  • Step 5: Click “Next”, your new 6-digit PIN is being reset.

5. What if I forget my Gkash eWallet password?
To reset your password, kindly click on “Forget Password” at the login page and insert your registered mobile number and verification code.

6. If I re-install the App, do I need to verify mobile number again?
  • No, if it is the same registered mobile number used in previous registration, you don’t have to go through the verification process again.
  • Re-enter registered mobile number and login password from the registered device during registration.
  • If you are changing new device from the previous registered device, a verification code will be required for the registered number.

7. Once I have registered, can I change my personal details?
Yes, you can always change and update your personal details in Gkash eWallet apps under “Profile” menu.

8. Can I change my mobile number at Profile menu?
No. Registered mobile number cannot be changed.

9. What should I do if I have changed my mobile number?
You may create a new Gkash eWallet account using your new mobile number and log in to your old Gkash eWalllet account using your previous mobile number, transfer the remaining e-money in your old Gkash eWallet to your new Gkash eWallet account.

10. Can I change my email address?
Yes, you can change your email address under Profile and all the transactions notification will be received via email.

11. I do not have email address. Am I able to Sign Up?
No. Email address is required for Gkash eWallet sign up as all the transactions will be sent via email notification. Gkash is not responsible for any loss caused by your failure to provide accurate and up-to date information. For example, invalid email was given upon sign up of Gkash eWallet.

12. If I Uninstall the App, will my eWallet balance remain the same?
  • Once you uninstall the app, the eWallet balance remain the same on the registered mobile number.
  • All previous transactions will be stored at our servers and viewable at Transaction History

13. How many accounts I can register?
There is no limit on account registration for each user. However, each account is only allowed to link to ONE mobile number.

14. If I am a foreigner, can I register for Gkash eWallet account?
Yes. However, you will need a Malaysia mobile number in order to register.

15. How can I terminate my Gkash eWallet account?
For termination of account, kindly contact our Customer Service at 03-2242 4255.

1. How can I reload my Gkash eWallet account?
You can reload your account via online banking (FPX), credit or debit card.

2. What is the maximum and minimum reload amount for my Glash eWallet account?
The minimum reload amount is RM10 while the maximum reload amount is RM200 for all wallet sizes subject to Gkash eWallet limit.

3. What does the maximum number of reload per day?
There is no restriction on number of reload per day. However, Gkash eWallet offer a wallet limit of RM200 and the daily transaction up to RM1,000 per day.

4. What happens if reload transaction is not reflected in my Gkash eWallet account?
Please contact our Customer Service at 03-2242 4255 or email to cs@gkash.my for further investigation.

5. Can I perform transactions via Gkash eWallet in different currencies?
No. All transactions performed via the Gkash eWallet is in Malaysia Ringgit only.

1. What is Gkash eWallet Limit Size?
The current size of Gkash eWallet is RM200.

2. Are there any limitations for Gkash eWallet usage?
Gkash eWallet has a daily transaction limit of RM1,000 and in any one given transaction, user is permitted to top-up to an amount up to maximum of RM200.

3. Can I transfer my money to another app user via the Gkash eWallet?
No, you are only allowed to transfer e-money between Gkash eWallet user via mobile number or scan QR code.

4. Will I receive a notification if someone transfer money to my account?
Yes, email notification will be sent to your register email address with Gkash eWallet.

5. Is there a maximum amount for daily money transfer?
Yes, please note that your Gkash eWallet has a Daily Transaction Limit of RM1,000.

6. Will my Gkash eWallet balance expire?
Your Gkash eWallet balance will never expire. You will be able to use it whenever you want to pay at any of our participating merchants or transfer e-money to your family and friends for FREE.

1. What is Gkash eWallet void transaction?
Void transaction is a transaction that is cancelled by a merchant before it has completed the full payment cycle via consumer’s e-wallet account.

2. Am I able to get back my e-money for void transaction?
Yes. You may request Merchant to perform void transaction for any unsuccessful deal before the daily cut off time at 12am.

3. Why there is a “PENDING” status in my void transaction?
Your wallet has reached the maximum Gkash eWallet limit. Kindly contact our customer service at 03-2242 4255 or email to cs@gkash.my for further action.

4. How long does the refund usually takes for void transaction?
It takes 7 working days after Customer Due Diligence (CDD) has been completely performed for any refund of void transaction that requested to credit into user’s bank account.

5. What is Customer Due Diligence (CDD)?
According to BNM guidelines - Section 16 of the AMLA, CDD is a process of identifying, verifying and monitoring the customers to identify and assess potential Money Laundering /Terrorist Financing risks associated with them and/or their transactions.

6. What are the measures of Customer Due Diligence (CDD) for Gkash eWallet?
In conducting CDD, the following information are required by the Gkash eWallet’s user;
  • * Full Name as per NRIC / Passport
  • * NRIC number or passport number
  • * Residential and mailing address
  • * Contact number
  • * Purpose of Transaction
  • * Nationality

1. Is my personal information safe?
Gkash Sdn Bhd assures that your personal information will not be shared or sold to any other parties, in accordance with the PDPA Act.

2. Are my transactions secure and private on your servers when using the App?
Yes, all transactions remain private in our Gkash servers.

3. What should I do if I lost my phone?
No one will be able to access your Gkash eWallet without your 6-Digit PIN number. However, user is advisable to contact our customer service at 03-2242 4255 to deactivate your access to Gkash eWallet via your phone number.