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Wallet Top Up

Go cashless by topping up Gkash eWallet via Online banking (FPX), Credit or Debit Card. Fast, simple and hassle free!

Scan and Pay

Enjoy a cashless shopping experience with Gkash eWallet merchant. Pay Fast, Pay Safe & Pay Smart!


Experience money transfer just a blink of an eye via QR code or mobile number at anywhere & anytime!

Add Friends

Sending money fast and convenient by adding your family and friends into Gkash eWallet Favourite Friends List!

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Gkash Sdn Bhd is a technology-driven company specializing in global cashless payment solutions and value-added financial services.

In line with the Malaysia Government’s Economic Transformation Programme and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) vision to transform Malaysia into a cashless society, it is essential that electronic payments agenda is embedded through a structural reform whereby payment industry and local government authorities is working together in efforts to broaden market access and to dampen cash transactions across the city and its citizen.

Gkash is committed to provide the horizontal payment construct across all the vertical clusters within the city including government services, utilities, public transportation, healthcare, lifestyle, supply chain, education, retailing and entertainment.

Meanwhile, Gkash ensures an integrated electronic payment ecosystem is established for a better commerce experience through digital wallet, electronic money and payment solutions which helps Malaysians as well as foreigners to enjoy simpler, safer, smarter cashless payments across any mobile device and channel anywhere within the city – be it online, in app or in-store with contactless mobile wallet.

Let’s start your citywide cashless experience by downloading
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What is Gkash eWallet?
Gkash eWallet is a digital wallet app that allows User to store e-money for electronic transaction. It provides a convenient and secure way of making cashless payments. On top of that, User can also transfer and receive e-money fast, easy and hassle free! Experience the cashless journey with Gkash eWallet by downloading for FREE now!

Why Gkash eWallet?
User friendly

It only takes few minutes to sign up as User. Simply download the app and follow onscreen instructions and lastly make your first payment by scanning the QR code. Simple as that!

Safe & Secure

Your money and personal details are safe as the account information is encrypted. You will need a 6-Digit PIN for all transaction activity, safer than walking around with cash and credit cards!


Payment via Gkash eWallet is almost instantaneous by scanning the QR code. Once payment has been made, the transaction is automatically recorded for your spending plan.

Get Connected

Gkash eWallet support in-app add friends, simply add your family and friends into Favourite Friends list! You may transfer money to them via mobile number anytime, anywhere without the hassle of fill in lengthy payment details via e-banking.

User Security Awareness

Users are encouraged to enable passwords on your phones, tablets and other devices before e-wallet can be used. This is to avoid Gkash eWallet from being access to unauthorised user.

Keep login credential secure

Never share your login password, and 6-digit pin number to third party. Easy access by unauthorised user might result in the misuse of your data and credentials.

Create a unique Password

Avoid using the same password you use for email or other social networking sites. Instead, use an easily-remembered, yet hard-to guess password unique to your Gkash eWallet.

Track your spending habits

With Gkash eWallet, you may track your transaction which has been intiated and executed. You are encouraged to check transaction history regularly to ensure no unauthorised transaction. In case of any unusual activities, kindly contact us.

Be alert of email scam

Do not respond or click on any links/email attachments from unknown or unreliable senders.Do seek for further clarification from the Gkash customer service team immediately, if any.

Make your life easy now

Gkash Sdn Bhd is a licensed electronic money issuer regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). In line with BNM vision to transform Malaysia into a cashless society, we are committed to establish a brand-new digital wallet for a better commerce experience via Gkash eWallet!